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2011 World-Scholar-
     Athlete Games


The 2011 World Youth Peace Summit coincided with the 25th anniversary of the founding of the acclaimed Institute for International Sport in 1986. Since 1993, the Institute for International Sport has convened scholar-athletes and scholar-artists in Rhode Island and at sites around the globe for U.S. and World Scholar-Athlete Games for the purpose of fostering peace and building cross-cultural understanding through sports and the arts.  At the closing ceremonies of each Scholar-Athlete Games, Dan Doyle emphasized the ongoing relationship of the Institute with the participants.  The Summit brings these participants back together to take their role as community leaders to the next level – that of effective peace advocates.  The World Youth Peace Summit will be organized every five years, thus developing an ongoing and powerful peace program on an international scale.

  • When: July 1 – 4, 2011
  • Where: The Greater Hartford area, Connecticut
  • Mission: To develop current and former scholar-athletes and scholar-artists from around the world into successful peace advocates. By providing them with the opportunity to study peace policies through an intensive series of lectures and workshops, the Summit will furnish participants with practical knowledge of how to develop and implement their own peace initiatives successfully in their home communities. 

At the Summit:
Past participants of Scholar-Athlete Games and Youth Peace Summit were joined by delegates nominated by the United Nations and other distinguished organizations.  During the Summit participants explored their own Pathways to Peace initiatives during an intensive academic program.

Participants received leadership training and targeted assistance in social entrepreneurship and development of community-based programs.  Speeches by major world leaders and prominent peace advocates were held each day and were augmented by small group discussions and workshops.

Participants prepared a draft of a Pathways to Peace project before they arrived at the Summit.  Some Pathways to Peace initiatives will focus on such large scale issues as poverty, nuclear proliferation and the environment. Others will be community-based, social entrepreneurship programs involving some project that fosters peace, such as juvenile justice, conflict resolution, non-violence, youth sports programs, mentoring and civil rights. Participants received leadership training and targeted assistance in social entrepreneurship and development of community-based programs.

Momentum-Building Events
The World Youth Peace Summit provided all communities in Connecticut with the opportunity to participate in this world class event.  A series of momentum-building events took place across the region, including the marquee event: Humanity and Harmony: A Historic Evening with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Branford Marsalis.