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One of the most important components of the World Youth Peace Summit is the Peace Lecture program.  This will involve a significant number of peace lectures delivered to audiences large and small both in Connecticut and in other cities throughout the world. 

If you would like to organize and host a peace lecture in your community, here is some helpful information to get you on your way.

The main objectives of World Youth Peace Summit Lectures are:

  • To create an interest in your community in the peace process.
  • To build momentum toward the World Youth Peace Summit.
  • To create within your community significant interest in the World Youth Peace Summit, including their participation.
  • To create a wonderful community event that will not only stimulate discussion on world peace but bring various community groups together.

When Will the World Youth Peace Summit Lectures Take Place?
The first two lectures were hoted in the fall of 2010 by Senator Christopher Dodd and Scott Brown. In March, Claes Nobel, senior member of the Nobel Prize family delivered a series of lectures on the role of peace in the environment.  Read more about them here

Who Can Administer a Lecture in Your Community?  
You can!  Peace Lectures will be organized by high school and college students, local service clubs, representatives of companies and, in general, good citizens who have a commitment to world peace.  We believe that you will find the experience to be most enjoyable. 

If you plan to host a Peace Lecture, please be sure to contact us so that we can provide assistance, literature and guidance throughout the project.  Of course, we hope you will record the lecture to share on the Institute for International Sport and World Youth Peace Summit online community.

Who Should Deliver a World Youth Peace Summit Peace Lecture?
Our first request is that you look within your community and surrounding area for a qualified lecturer with expertise on a specific peace-related topic.  You may reach out to area college professors, elected officials, former elected officials, military officers, journalists, authors, religious leaders and others who would be qualified to deliver a compelling lecture. In some cases, you may wish to consider a panel discussion as opposed to a lecture.  If you are having trouble finding a suitable lecturer, do not hesitate to contact us at:

Where Should a World Youth Peace Summit Peace Lecture Be Held?
There are any number of opportunities in your community.  Depending upon the size of the audience, good places to start would be your local library, high school, college, church or synagogue. With your ingenuity, you will surely be able to find a venue to host the lecture. Peace Lectures will not only be held in Connecticut but in many, many other places in the world.

Should Your Lecture Serve as a Fundraiser for the World Youth Peace Summit?
This is optional, but, naturally, we would be grateful if you would attempt to raise funds for the Summit.  All funds raised will go toward the Summit itself, as well as the opening and administration of the Office of Peace Projects. The office will oversee all of the Pathways to Peace initiatives that will follow the Summit. We will be pleased to forward you official forms to solicit contributions that you can distribute at the lecture.

What Help Can We Provide?
We can assign a staff liaison who will be available to you for questions and support at our end.

Thank you for your consideration of administering a Peace Lecture, and supporting the World Youth Peace Summit.

Become a Peace Broker!

Other Opportunities to Become a Peace Broker
In addition to organizing a Peace Lecture, you may be interested in hosting a World Youth Peace Summit Peace Walk in your community. For additional information, visit the Peace Walks page.